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Repertoire Management System for [PIAS]

Arc software designed and built a Repertoire Management System (RMS) for [PIAS], which manages the rights for many independent record labels in one central system, with full integration out to Vistex's Record Maestro royalty system, downstream digital supply system from FUGA and a media asset management (MAM) system from from Ortana called Cubix. The system uses rights data to automatically calculate eligible retailers and runs hundreds of business rules to ensure that the syntax of data meets the standards for those partners (YouTube, iTunes and hundreds of others) as well as calculating the eligibility for sales team territories.

The system also provides an entire data ingest and data verification suite for importing huge amounts of catalogue data as well, and to then join that new data into existing track records. A rules engine runs thought hundreds of verification rules behind the scenes to identify duplicates, to join recordings to works and to flag up all sorts of possible data errors. 

Dashboards are a vital part of the system design as this allows users to be alerted to data issues or to go off and do other tasks in the system whilst ingests are being verified.

Arc was initially brought in as external consultants to review a previous project and we then began to provide expertise as facilitator for an envisaging process for the new repertoire and rights management system as such a large and strategic system was a huge undertaking and contained so many different parts and stakeholders that consolidating this into a workable set of requirements was proving a huge challenge. Arc then designed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to break the deadlock and this went on to become a live commercial system, which has continued to take on more business processes.

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