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Sharing Your Reports

Having access to live management reporting information is extremely powerful and provides you with instant updates to key metrics. In many cases these important updates (or lack of updates) are related to transactions coming to or from other departments and partner organisations.

Keeping these outside groups informed about their statistics usually means collating information manually then emailing over the details by hand because you need to ensure that the data is relevant (or authorised) to the receiver or holding management meetings to read through the data. This is because software is usually set up to run internally and because databases hold all sorts of extra information that is confidential and should not be shared with partners. Manually finding, collating and then sifting this information is an administrative burden and leads to time lags resulting in partners receiving out of date information.

Arc can provide online access to your management reporting system so that partners can log in and see information in real-time and importantly Arc can provide ‘views’ or ‘cuts’ of your data so that partners only get to see those segments of information that you want them to see. Partners can now see reports in real time and can see changes the moment the data is updated thereby eliminating both the time lag and the administration pain of manually collating and sending out emails or holding meetings.

Arc Case study:

Sharing Management Reports

Local authorities receive many course and training applications from dozens of schools each year and must in turn liaise with dozens of providers who will run the training. At any given point in time the local authority needs to know how many places have been taken up, what funding has been committed and what funding remains, how many applications have been sent and not processed by the provider, all the while phoning or emailing schools progress updates. There was also a large amount of effort committed to resolving incomplete applications or missing data. This was typically done over email and by post and required constant updating of spreadsheets and telephone calls to chase for information, and this became more and more intense as deadline dates approached.

Arc deployed online reporting services to give local authorities the information for their entire population on one dashboard screen that updated in real-time and that can be sorted and filtered so that particular statistics or groups can be examined. The authority can also now compare and contrast performance between suppliers, and can see the pipeline of work to come and what has already been completed thereby eliminating all the manual lists and spreadsheets being held at the authority. Online reporting completely eliminated all these tasks.

However Schools and providers still needed constant updates and chasing as deadlines approached and this became a more and more time consuming process for staff even though online reporting had been deployed because the authority could not provide access to confidential commercial or personal information. Arc solved this by creating ‘views’ or ‘cuts’ of the reports so that when partners logged into the system they too could access dashboards, except these slices only show those transactions involving the supplier logging on.

If you would like to share data with your partners and reduce the pain of keeping them informed then speak to Arc...

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