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SalesForce Data Integration

Whilst Salesforce is a very powerful product with many useful benefits there are times when you just want to get your data off the site and into a nice format that you can use. There are also times when you have useful data on your own system or in a different format that you would like to load into Salesforce. Copying and pasting information or starting an entire Salesforce customisation and consultancy project is not a pain free, cheap or timely solution.

Arc Software has solved this for other companies already. Arc has developers who know the Salesforce programming model and data structures, and have practical hands-on experience of connecting customer systems into Salesforce so that updates can be made automatically and in real-time, and in transforming business data into the Salesforce format for one-off loads.

Transforming data automatically or connecting your own systems directly into Salesforce service also provides cost savings in the monthly licence fees you pay, reduces staff training, and importantly eliminates the frustration of moving data around manually. Integrating data into Salesforce also increases speed and availability of information.

Find out how to end your Salesforce data frustration and how to reduce Salesforce costs...

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