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Integrating Multiple Data Sources

Arc connects and integrates multiple data sources and live feeds into one seamless, single view of data. Combining data sources together into one place ends the cycle of ripping and replacing systems (usually done to try and consolidate data), makes information easy to understand because it there is no need to keeping moving between systems and logins, and importantly it allows new combinations of calculations to be run that produce results more powerful than the sum of the data sources.

Arc has done this type of work for the European Union’s ARROW project, which requires data integrations out to four external organisations and merging into our client’s existing IT platform. Arc also does this type of work for Universal Music Group so that Universal Japan can source data from the world-wide company systems, format it into the local data structure, blend in data from external companies like iTunes and then present it in a single-view that is localised to how Japan likes to do business.

If you want to view data from many places in a single productive view then talk to a company with a proven track record of success...

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