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Royalty Distribution

Arc supplies one of the most advanced, yet simplest royalty distribution and repertoire management systems in the market. It has been designed to reduce the huge burden of administration that royalty distribution traditionally entails.

It achieves this in several key ways; firstly by providing rights holders (e.g. publishers) direct online access to data about their holdings so that they can maintain information and track distributions themselves, secondly by automating painful back-office processes, and finally by integrating the system directly into other business critical platforms such as CRM (such as Salesforce) and accounting and finance systems (such as Exchequer finance).

Arc’s royalty distribution system and the resulting management information it provides enables the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) to make 20 royalty distributions a year totalling over £45 million using only two staff members. The system to system integrations also provide direct systems access to business partners like the Copyright Clearance Agency (CLA).

If you want a proven way to streamline royalty distributions then chose a tried and tested product...
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