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Rights & Repertoire

Arc is a specialist in rights and repertoire management systems. Arc provides both market-leading products and independent expert consultancy to media and publishing companies.

Protecting the use of copyright on many types of media

Arc is extremely strong in the Reproduction Rights Organisations (RRO) arena and provides an extremely successful system to the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) to run their distributions. The frequency and accuracy of distributions rises dramatically once effective automation is applied.

Clearances for the use of copyrighted works can be extremely complex and traditionally involves a high degree of manual administration and is all too often reliant on expert staff knowledge to run smoothly.

Universal Music Group has been working with Arc since 2003 and we provide their rights and repertoire system to manage the extremely complex tasks of clearing permissions for the use of copyrighted works.

Find out how you can have an effective rights & Repertoire system...
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