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ARROW Rights Management

ARROW pulls together digital rights information so that those seeking permission to use a work can connect with the owner or seek confirmation that a work is orphaned.

Arc provides the UK module for RROs, which contains workflow to manage business processes, data messaging and ingest facilities to interact with the ARROW repository, as well all providing a management information web interface for copyright administrators in the UK to validate and check clearance requests. This Arc module checks against external databases such as the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), Nielson, Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) and the Publisher Licensing Society (PLS).

Libraries, publishers and others wanting to make use of the content they hold have several very significant hurdles to clear to avoid legal issues. They must perform a diligent search for the rights holder and be able to prove that they did so before a work is considered orphaned, and secondly they must have permission to use the content and prove this by obtaining a licence. ARROW attempts to address this by pulling together sources of rights to enhance the diligence of search and acting as a means to connect content users with rights holders.

Arc has a thorough understanding of the ARROW data model gained from being involved in all stages of the project, from the initial design phases through to Arc being the company that built and deployed the UK’s system. Following Arc’s success with ARROW we provided consultancy to a number of other territories’ ARROW projects.

Arc provides both IT solutions and independent management consultancy for ARROW.

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