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FAQ: Exchange

Q: What happens if I want to upload different Excel files holding different types of information?

Arc eXchange does not restrict you to one set Excel file. Instead the system holds as many different data templates as you need so that when you make an upload you simply select the format from a dropdown list so that the system knows which file type to expect (and to error check).

You can upload as many different types of Excel file as you want.

Q: Will you create the upload templates for me?

Yes, Arc is happy to create the upload template for you.

Q: If I only want to upload one type of file will I have to buy the entire eXchange application?

No you do not need the entire eXchange suite. Arc can simply enable one template to be used.

FAQ: Data Integration

Q: What experience does Arc have of integrating legacy data systems and formats?

Arc has twenty years experience of data handling. Data is the core of Arc's business and our company specicialises in very complex data modelling. Indeed Arc has been involved directly in defining some of the most complex data ontologies in use.

Q: Will you convert my data into a propietary format that I cannot use elsewhere?

No, Arc enables all our clients to take their data with them. Your data is your data and we do not hold it hostage in some kind of format that only we can use.

Q: Do you do one-off data conversions

Yes, we have often perform one-off conversions for clients. This is usually when they are trying to move from an old system to a new one.

Q: Can you provide data consultancy?

Yes, Arc has extremely experienced data consultants who have seen many different variants of data and they can recommend strategies and tools to assist you.

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