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HR tools by Arc

Arc builds HR and training applications to reduce the burden and costs of administration, to increase flexbility and access and importantly to enable organisations to track and share information far more easily.

Bring people together, and inform your staff from a central point

Arc is well established in the HR and training market and we have a portfolio of products that can be run individually or together, and we have the in-house capability to build completely new and unique bespoke developments for you.

The aim is to move HR away from being transactional (such as counting 360 returns) to having the space to shape the organisation. Time burning up on processing high volumes of repetitive requests, collating documents leads to the conversation with the line managers being dominated by chasing them to meet process deadlines and not to HR actually having the time to know the content of the data, to analyse the data, and to provide the insights that will influence the wider organisation.

Arc tools run in the National Skills Academy sector, health and education.

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