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Staff Surveys

Staff surveys provide valuable insights into the factors that affect morale, attendance and performance. The commissioning of a survey signals that the management of an organisation is keen to hear from their staff.

Ensuring that a survey is successful is based on a range of factors. From question wording, the process for collecting the results, levels of confidentiality, presentation and layout, statistical validity and data integrity. Is important to clearly understand what the purpose of the survey is and what the management intends to do with the data. This can then be used to direct the design and implementation of the survey so that the type of data, the volumes of data and the structure of the data are designed into the process. Often overlooked is the management appetite of capability to process results e.g. is it practical to read written responses from 5,000 employees.

Arc has successfully deployed online tools that can manage thousands of surveys, provide online reports and statistics along with the ability to export the data into Excel or Word templates for quick publication. Importantly Arc has a process and the tools to manage paper responses so that they can be databased too.

Find out how you can survey thousands of people quickly, securely, and receive detailed result reports within a few mouse clicks...
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