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Personal Development Planner (PDP)

Can you relate training directly back to an objective in your business plan? Can you directly track return on investment from training?

Unlock personal development plans (PDPs) from those email attachments and old intranet pages by enabling employees to create and manage their own plan online. Enable mentoring to take place by allowing those plans to be shared, and improve line management by providing visibility of progress. Bring an end to training courses going unused back in the workplace by connecting individual learning plans and skills logs to your business plans. Keep track of the skills and qualifications of your team so that you can find them easily when required.

How many of your team have taken courses and come back to work only to find that they are not using those skills and there is no plan to share them within the company? Can you easily search for an employee who speaks a language or holds a particular qualification?

Find out how staff and managers can create and share personal development objectives...
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