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FAQ: 360 Appraisal

Q: How many versions or different surveys can I run at the same time?

You can create as many different questions and versions of your appraisal questionnaire as you like. You can therefore issue different appraisals to different staff depending on their role or organisation. There is no limit.

Q: Can I create my own appraisal survey or do I need a web developer?

You can create your own questions and publish them directly. No web developers or technical people are required.

Q: Do you host Arc 360 or can I install on my companies internet site?

Arc can host and manage the application for you, or you can install it on your organisation's own IT infrastructure.

The choice is yours.

Q: How do I track the progress of reviews?

The software includes built in dashboard screens so you can see how many people have responded, their contact details and the date that they submitted their response.

Q: Can I use the software for other types of survey?

Yes you can. You are entirely free to write and publish your own surveys and they can be about anything.

Q: Can I compare individual scores to historical responses?

Yes, benchmarking is an extremely popular option. The system is fully automated so that as responses are received benchmarks are updated.

Q: How do I share the results with users?

Arc includes Reporting Services as part of the standard build. This enables you to view responses online and to export them to a number of formats (like Excel).

One Arc customer exports all the scores for an individual along with the benchmarks from their colleagues into a Word document containing notes and graphics.

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FAQ: Academy-in-a-Box"

Q: Can I pick and chose the modules that I want?

Yes you can pick and chose your modules. Don't forget that you can also install modules from other companies too.

Q: Can our partner organisations use the portal?

Yes. The portal is not limited by geography or access.

Arc customers use our portals for collaborating with enployers, training providers, and regional steering committess. You decide the access, and you can decide what those types of user can see and do.

Q: What technology does the portal run on?

Arc deploys the modules to Microsoft SharePoint so that you can create and edit your own content, use online collaboration like document sharing and install modules from other companies.

Q: Can you host the portal for me?

Yes, Arc provides full portal hosting and support for clients.

If you have your own IT infrastructure then we are happy for it to be installed there. You are not required to use Arc for the hosting.

Q: Is your portal compatible with learning management systems (LMS) or virtual learning environments (VLE)?

Yes, Sharepoint is supported by all the major vendors. You can run the content within the portal or simply connect it to your existing system.

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FAQ: Personal Development Planner

Q: Will you host the Personal Development Planner (PDP) for us?

Yes Arc can host the application for you.

Q: Can a PDP be shared?

Yes, a learner can invite another person to view and contribute to their plan.

Q: How private is my PDP?

You control access to your own PDP. You can invite and uninvite friends and colleagues to view it.

Q: My organisation has set objectives for lots of staff. Can I apply templates to multiple PDPs?

Yes, templated objectives are supported.

PDP can also create objectives automatically when a course is booked by the user.

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FAQ: Online Course Booker

Q: Can I add courses to the prospectus myself or must I use Arc to do it?

Yes, you can edit the prospectus yourself.

Q: Can I allow providers to edit their own course listings?

Yes, this is a very common and has been tried and tested by lots of Arcs customers.

Q: How many courses can the system hold?

Careers Wales currently lists 40,000 courses in Arc's prospectus

Q: Does the module allow course applications to be approved before they are sent to the provider?

This is an option used by some customers, whilst others allow learners complete freedom to apply directly for courses. The system allows the approvals step to be switched on or off.

Q: How can learners find courses when there are hundreds of them listed?

Careers Wales uses Arc's search engine to catalogue and search 40,000 courses. The search currently runs over a million searches a year and outperforms the well known organisations that actually supply the data to begin with. Indeed Arc provides updates back to those data suppliers so that they can improve their own listings.

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