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Equality Surveys

The Equality Act 2010 presents a challenge to all employers whether they be public or private sector. The equality duty has been reported by the popular press as being particular onerous and costly to organisations.

One of the reasons given is because the need to know and understand the make-up of your staff in relation to this legislation and the traditional methods of surveying staff are costly and open to privacy concerns. Importantly it should be said that the mass annual survey typically fails to maintain the currency of information as both the staff and the organisation change.

An Arc online survey is anonymous and can either continue as an annual study, or it can also be initiated automatically as staff join and leave the organisation thus keeping information up to date. The key benefit to the Arc system is that all the reporting statistics are automatically updated in real-time so that there is no team required to produce and stay on top of the findings of the survey. Arc can even submit the data automatically into a report template ready for printing and distributing.

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