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Training Academy-in-a-box

Whilst there are many organisations and services providing software and tools for business planning, booking courses, careers advice, appraisals, eLearning and mentoring they are scattered over the web or between departments within companies. Learners, their managers, the HR department and training providers all run their own systems and do not come together to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop service for personal development.

The Academy in a box is a complete internet training portal package. The Academy unifies the separate strands of personal development so that appraisals, training plans, business/management planning, course booking and online collaboration can all be done in one place. Learners, their managers or training providers no longer need to go off to different web sites or worry about incompatible software to support their personal and business development.

The Academy in a Box enables effective online collaboration and remote working to take place. Tools and documents can be shared between people, organisations and departments enabling best practice to be easily and cheaply disseminated.

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