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Products and Services

Arc began as a company dedicated to developing bespoke software. As we built up a portfolio of leading products and expertise, we grew to run speciality services in the following sectors:

Like the bespoke tailor Arc provides each client with a custom service and a focus on quality and standards. Arc matches our management and design analysis methods to how our customers like to work. Specialising in building bespoke web-based business applications and providing consultancy backed by hands-on experience and practical skills.

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Arc's education software is modular so you can pick and chose only those components you need ranging from online registers to SMS notifications, ePortflios and Common Applications.

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Arc systems are used to handle: rights, contracts, repertoire and distributions. Importantly Arc has the expertise and track record to integrate these tools into existing systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Recent integrations include iTunes data and Salesforce CRM.

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Arc builds HR and training applications to reduce the burden and costs of administration, to increase flexbility and access and importantly to enable organisations to track and share information far more easily.

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Arc can aggregate different sources of data together so that you can combine all the valuable information trapped in separate IT systems into one view. Aggregating and combining data means that you can spot interesting nuggets of information that would have gone unnoticed.

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