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Frequently Asked Questions... and answers.

Arc Software FAQ's

Q: How long has Arc been in business?

Arc was founded in 1990. We have over twenty years of experience.

Q: Where is Arc based?

Arc is based in southwest London. We have a map if you are visiting arc.

Q: What can Arc do for my business?

Arc can deliver on time and on budget, and we deliver systems that customers like using. Because Arc gets to know our customers personally and because our success is demonstrated by the level of repeat business that we have.

Arc is made of very experienced IT specialists with track records of delivering systems at the highest level in the industry.

Arc is nimble and actually delivers. The team is made up of people who broke away from large consultancies and IT companies to get things done, and to get them done to benefit the customer.

Q: Does Arc offshore development?

No we do not. Arc is a boutique company and we control all aspects of development.

Q: Does Arc have experience of handling confidential projects?

Absolutely. Key members of the management team have worked in secure government environments, are experienced in processes like JSP 440 and hold security clearance.

Arc currently handles complex business data for large commercial organisations and very personal data from the education sector.

Q: Does Arc partner with other suppliers?

Yes, Arc is genuinely happy to do this. Many clients already have suppliers dealing with other areas of their IT or perhaps tasks like graphic design. Arc is used to this type of arrangement and it has worked well for us.

Q: Do you hold any ISO certificates?

No, Arc has withdrawn from ISO registration as we found it unsuitable for software development. The company follows other frameworks more suited to successful software development and management. In terms of government registrations, Arc is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for Data Protection.

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