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Area Wide Prospectus

Arc has one of the most mature Prospectus products on the market today, it is tried and tested across all twenty-two Welsh local authorities and eight London authorities. Indeed the Arc system was subject to BECTA and DCSF case-studies on NEET reduction strategies, whilst our Careers Wales service supports Europe’s largest Advice, Information and Guidance (AIG) site with over 300,000 accounts and 40,000 course listings (with a million searches a year). This site won a BAFTA award.

Arc's prospectus allows schools, local authorities, providers and students to see all available courses online. Administration and the volume of work for the local authority is reduced, whilst the accuracy of course information increases dramtically as providers self-publish courses.

The Prospectus can also integrate with both our Common Application Process (CAP) for course bookings and our online attendance tracking modules.

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