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NEET Reduction Studies

The DCFS Manual of Good Practice from 14-19 Pathfinder projects states that "provider collaboration was essential to ensure students received consistent IAG, to facilitate their progression amongst local providers, and reduce drop out" and Arc is proud to say that our software powered the online Southwark Guarantee service quoted in the manual.

BECTA quotes Arc's Southwark Guarantee web portal as an exemplar of how to run an online service (in their 19-19 Workforce support guide) to track students:

Southwark Guarantee ( is the education administration portal (learner management system) used by the 14–19 Partnership in Southwark to manage mobility, curriculum choice, learner tracking and an online area-wide prospectus. The site was developed in response to the following practical problems arising from the delivery of off-site provision in the borough: Tracking the whereabouts, attendance and progress of learners studying in more than one institution Providing learner information, advice and guidance about progression pathways within sector areas Services are provided by Southwark Guarantee in three key areas, contributing to the success and expansion of the borough's off-site provision: Practitioner/provider tools for managing off-site provision, including online attendance registers, incident alerts, protocol document storage and reports A personal development e-portfolio offering learners skills assessment, a progress file and an individual learning plan An area-wide prospectus, 'Plan Your Route', which includes a course planner

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