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MIS Integration

Schools, Colleges and Local Authorities all have different IT systems running and often in isolation and not connected to each other. In many cases the current services are doing their job and to replace them would be an unnecessary cost.

Arc has hands-on experience of connecting a number of popular Management Information Systems together (examples include Capita SIMS and Agresso MIS), and we can provide this expertise to your project. However direct system to system connections cannot always be justified (cost, project management time, cross-organisation agreements) and it can be cheaper and more pragmatic to simply import or export data using tools such as Arc Exchange. A popular choice is to mix and match so that a MIS to MIS data link is built for the largest local providers, whilst those organisations with small cohorts or unusual MISs simply export/import files.

Arc advocates connecting systems together, reusing what you have, and open standards. Arc does not charge you outrageous fees for access to your own data. If you want to move to another system then you can take your data with you. It is your data after all.

Find out how you can reduce your IT spending by joining the systems you already have...
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