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Individual Learning Plans (ILP)

Arc’s Individual Learning Plans (ILP) are the place for learners or professionals to set goals and track progress. Dashboards allow the professional to quickly cast their eye over dozens of plans within a few seconds to spot progress, whilst the traffic light system quickly highlights progress. Individual objectives can be set for each student or the use of templates enables common goals (such as modules in a course) to be applied to many students. An ILP is not just for students either as there is a professional edition for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Bring an end to the goals and plans for students sitting in filing cabinets remaining trapped inside internal IT systems by posting them securely online. Allow professionals across departments and from outside organisations to log in and contribute to the same plan no matter what IT system they are running. Arc’s ILP can run independently on the web or you can install it locally on your own IT system. ILP can also be installed alongside attendance tracking and course application modules so that you can monitor all types of progress from one secure system.

Find out how you share learning plans and end the curse of the filing cabinet...