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Curriculum Vitaelity

Arc has a proud history of working in both the training and the education sectors with clients ranging from corporate training providers such Vosper Thornycroft (known as VT Group), through to UK government initiatives like the National Skills Academy, and many local authorities in England and Wales.

Arc has built up a significant portfolio of tried and tested software products ready to deply within days, and our advisory services have helped organisations manage their projects and suppliers.

Arc built Europes largest advice, information and guidance (AIG) site. The service provides a unified area-wide prospectus for twenty-two partnering local authorities that catalogues over 40,000 courses and supports a million searches a year. This site won a BAFTA award.

Arc was also a pioneer in developing online attendence tracking system for the NEET pathway projects. This tracking was so successful that this service became the subject of several BECTA and DFES case studies. Arc provides the most sophisticated attendance tracking solution in the market.

Arc's education software is modular so you can pick and chose only those components you need ranging from online registers to SMS notifications, ePortflios and Common Applications. Importantly we can connect to external management information systems (MIS) so you can keep the software you already have.

Attendance & Behaviour Tracking
Read how you can track attendance and avoid problems of different IT systems talking to each other.

Common Application Process
Find out how you can eliminate paper forms in your area.

Find out about our ePortfolio, the largest online ePortfolio service in Europe, which also won a BAFTA.

Read more about the UKs largest online area prospectus.

Find out how professionals can receive notifications directly to their phone when a student fails to attend or has a behaviour issue.

Find out how your online applications can benefit from import CAFs.

Reporting Services is a powerful tool allowing you to run queries against all the data that you have collected.

Progression Route Planner
See how different careers or course options open up depending on the course or qualifications you currently have or are planning to choose.

MIS Integration
Find out how you can reduce your IT spending by joining the systems you already have.

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