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Attendance Tracking

Fulfilling the statutory duty to know where off site students are at all times is a real administrative challenge. Emailing, faxing and telephoning take considerable amounts of time, have a large time lag (so your student could have failed to attend for hours) and lack an audit trail.

Tracking attendance and behaviour online allows all providers, no matter what IT system they are running to log attendance quickly and easily so that it can be seen by the home school immediately. There are no delays and no lost messages.

The Arc system remains successful and in use for years because it was built in direct partnership with local authorities and providers. Arc’s team spent time with local authorities and visited providers to ensure that we designed the software to use the same processes, terminology and data flows that local authority and provider staff use in their day to day work. This innovative solution has been featured in both BECTA and DCFS NEET reduction studies because it is a tool that allows many organisations to track and contribute information about young people from one portal. Arc began with the pathfinder projects in 2003 and has continued to develop the online software ever since, which means that these tools are tried and tested, and proven to be robust.

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