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Attendance & Behaviour Tracker

Q: Do you host the software or do we need to run it ourselves?

All of our current local authority customers use Arc's hosting and support service. It frees them from having to worry about the IT and enables the service to be accessible from any location.

Arc is however happy for the software to be installed on your system.

Q: Have you connect your attendance module to any MIS systems?

Arc has previously integrated with Capita's SIMS product and Agresso's MIS. Our system can import many different file formats and we are happy to integrate with any MIS system.

Q: Can I export statistics and information off the web?

Yes, Arc provides a management reporting module that allows you to export data to popular formats like Excel.

Q: Can the management reports include information from other systems?

Yes, Arc can connect to different databases and combine all the information into single views or reports. These can then be exported off the system

Q: Can you systems support popular VLE or LMS platforms?

Yes, we are happy to connect to the main platforms.

We should add that whilst this is a common request we recommend running a pilot first using the current hosted solution before integrating it with VLEs. This provides a considerable cost saving.

Q: Do you support XML?

Yes, this is a fundamental design principle for Arc. The days of closed Management Systems should be over.

Q: Can your system send SMS alerts?

Yes. This is very useful for those professionals without access to a PC.

Q: Is this system compatible with area-wide prospectus and common application forms?

Yes, this is already used by several local authorities

Q: Do you support SharePoint?

Yes, Arc is very experienced in SharePoint development.

Q: Can you change the look and feel of the module so that it matches our own designs?

Yes, absolutely. Every single installation we have done has been customised using our in-house designer or the branding given to us by the customer.

Q: Can you change the terminology on the site so that it matches my local area?


Q: Are the registers DCSF compliant?

Yes, we use the DCSF attendance codes.

Q: Can I run reports on attendance (by school, date, provider)?

Yes, this is a common feature and Arc has the most comprehensive reporting module on the market.

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Area Wide Prospectus

Q: How many courses can Arc’s prospectus support?

One Arc customer lists 40,000 courses and it runs extremely quickly. Arc also provide a search engine specifically designed for courses, which means that our software outperforms all others.

Q: What is the largest Area Prospectus run by Arc?

Arc currently runs a joint prospectus for 22 local authorities

Q: Can I create my own courses listing online or do I need to send them to Arc?

You can create as many courses as you like and you do not need technical expertise or web developers at all. Arc can also bulk upload courses for you (entirely optional).

Q: Can providers maintain their own course listings?

Absolutely. This is a core feature of the system as providers know their own courses and they know when they change. This frees up the local authority and prevents delays. Providers are limited by the powerful security to only editing their own courses though.

Q: Is the Prospectus compatible with online attendance tracking?

Yes. Prospectus can be used for course bookings and also as a module for online registers.

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