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System Design and Specification

Research shows that investing time in a skilled project initiation phase to develop detailed requirements, and to really debate the designs and specifications produces significant returns for clients. Yet, IT projects all too often become very focused on technical requirements, functions and features, whilst other critical influencers on success are placed down the list of priorities. When Arc writes a detailed specification we not only consider the technology, but also:

• Cultural fit of the supplier/technology with your specific organisation and your internal processes

• Alignment of probable outcomes with your operational requirements and strategic aims

• Setting both parties’ expectations for the project regarding time, quality, and cost.

• Identify risks so that they can be factored into the specification.

• How much availability your decision makers have to direct the project.

• How much time and access we can have to end users for feedback.

Arc provides this experience to our own customers and as an independent service to organisations that would like impartial expertise to be applied to the documents that they will be issuing to their suppliers.

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