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IE6 Development

Whilst Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6) is no longer supported by Microsoft to the point that they have launched a marketing campaign to try and stop its use, we must accept that many important business systems require its use. However organisations still need to launch new online services, but the quirks and standards of IE 6 means that it is a real technical challenge to keep new software compatible with IE 6.

Arc has in-house programmers who grew up with the pain of developing for IE6, who know the temperamental quirks in detail, and who know how to ensure to that new applications are backward compatible. Arc web developers can and do build applications to make the most of newer browsers, whilst retaining backwards compatibly with IE6.

If you want to leave IE 6 completely, but don’t know how or alternatively if you want to stay with IE 6 whilst continuing to develop new online services then speak to Arc

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