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Data Extraction and Transformation

Arc Software can extract data from legacy systems, bespoke databases and well known software packages and transform that data into the correct format for your other tools and processes. Liberating this data and making it available can free up your technology team, reduce painful manual workarounds and importantly provide more insights in your reporting.

Arc builds system to system automations so that you can connect up systems and reduce the need to rip and replace them. Arc transforms data for those one-off projects such as migrations to new systems or management reporting packages.

Cleansing data is an important task and ensures that obsolete information is removed, inaccuracies are corrected, and that information becomes consistent. Clean data increases the precision and accuracy of management reporting, and improves your relationship with those affected by your data and decisions. Data cleansing can also be the time to unify different data sources. Arc provides data experts that know how to automate this rather laborious task, that know how to construct the logic to ensure reliability, that know how data inconsistencies affect the clean-up, and know the questions to ask before your data goes through the process.

Extracting and transforming data makes information available and makes deeper and more thorough decision making possible. Making information available makes decision making and insights more factual.

Find out how to transform your data and improvement your business performance...

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