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Technical Support

One of the most important aspects of any new systems is that you have good support from your supplier, particular in those early months after it was installed. Arc’s view is that the project is not finished on the day that the software is launched as users will have questions and may like training. In our experience it is the users that will suggest the interesting ideas for enhancements as they are the ones that use the software on a day to day basis.

It is a point of pride for Arc that we know our customers personally and that we are very approachable. Project managers become your support managers after the software launches and you can telephone or email them directly. Arc clients do not get passed off to a call centre, and there are no frustrating switchboard options to fight through. All clients can telephone or email Arc directly for help and support. Arc project managers also enjoy going out to see clients in person and we also like receiving visitors at our office as is a chance to introduce you to the team.

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