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Bespoke Service

Q: What is bespoke?

Bespoke is a custom service designed specifically for you. It works how you want to, it fits how you like to work and it means you don't have to change everything you do just to use some software. Fundamentally, bespoke means quality.

Q: What technologies do you base your development on?

Arc specialises in developing applications and portals on the Microsoft platform. Naturally integration work involves a mix of technology and our IT team are experienced in a variety of tools.

Q: Do you offshore your development?

No, we pride ourselves on being available to our clients. We are based in London and we develop in London (although our work goes world-wide)

Q: Will you help us formalise what we want?

Yes. Arc is a traditional consultancy in that we are made up of highly experienced professionals who can both 'do' and can offer our years of experience in an advisory capacity. Arc frequently guides non-IT clients through design and requirements best-practice.

Q: Do you offer procurement consultancy?

Yes, Arc has advised clients in the techniques (and industry practices) to ensure a succesfuly procurement of both consultancy and of software. Arc remains independent throughout and we do not bid for the project.

Q: Do we have to replace our existing databases and software packages if we buy a bespoke system?

No. The cornerstone of the bespoke philiosopy is that you pick and chose the tools and components that work for you. Bespoke means that you combine the best of all your software rather than having to comprimise your business.

Q: Is bespoke really expensive?

Actually it is often far cheaper than buying in software requiring expensive licences and constant upgrades. Bespoke means you get the parts that you want and you decide when things change (rather than the marketing department of the software company).

Also Arc has a really large library of components that we can reuse to reduce the price and to increase the speed of your project.

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