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Data Taxonomy

Once data has been properly defined it can be used again and again and the problems with data sharing or integrating systems are eliminated. The problem is that these benefits are medium to long term, and defining an effective taxonomy takes time and skill. Developers and project managers are typically focused on their own projects and it is easier to start designing new data structures than concern themselves with the wider organisational benefits and effort of meeting standards. Unfortunately this leads to different data formats and eventually inconsistencies that need considerable effort to resolve.

Arc Software has experts experienced in designing classification systems (taxonomies) that work with organisations. This experience from different organisations means that Arc understands the art of defining logical properties that will be robust enough for future change. Arc combines this with a pragmatic outlook so this work remains focused on business benefit rather than IT perfectionism and we know how to work with developers to bring them onboard with the changes.

Designing a robust taxonomy simplifies maintenance and implementing change, which in turn reduces future IT development time and budgets

Find out how to design and deploy a taxonomy successfully...

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