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Arc Consultancy

Arc provides consultancy and advisory services to a number of organisations, many of whom have large IT departments or have outsourced to well known companies. These organisations come to Arc for quite varied reasons and at different times in their project life-cycle. Typical reasons that Arc Consultancy is so valued is because organisations want truly independent analysis of an issue, they need expertise that is deeper and more experienced than their own generalists, faster production of solutions than their internal bureaucracies can delivery, and insight or guidance on how to manage the consultants and suppliers effectively.

Arc also provides independent consultancy services to organisations that do not have in-house teams or are perfectly happy with their existing suppliers. Arc consultancy is useful for structuring procurements, researching options and making technology recommendations before projects are started, before big budgets are committed, and before suppliers start to become too involved. Arc can provide alternative options and provide knowledge from outside projects and different organisations.